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Gay Chorus: Five reasons to join Les Genevoix

#5 Wanna travel to cool and fun places?

Being a part of the chorus means that sometimes you might have to be on the road somewhere to sing or to participate in regional festivals with other choruses to expand your network and learn new things. LGBTQ+ choirs are very friendly and invite each other for performances on a regular basis. If you like (optional) traveling with friends to fabulous destinations and enjoy great socializing workshops and events, you might definitely consider joining Les Genevoix.

#4 Wanna get lucky? ;)

Many of the chorus members are single. Some are in a relationship and found their partners by socializing with other gay men. It's a great place to meet new people and make great like-minded friends and if you're lucky your new other-half!

#3 Wanna spread love and equality through music?

If you like joyful tunes, music and a little choreography or volunteering to organize fabulous events and concerts, then look no further. Les Genevoix is bunch of gay men who just want to share our love for singing and convey our positive energy. Also, we are committed to fight with our performances for equality and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community locally but also globally.

#2 Wanna gain another family?

If you like making lifelong friends or hanging out with a diverse group of gay men, this is definitely a group for you. Geneva is a multi-cultural place and a highly international city. Many of us are far from our own biological family. If you also like good food, great music, potlucks, karaoke, relaxing barbecues and house parties, you probably should probably get in contact with us right away.

#1 Wanna boost your (mental) health?

If you like spending your free time singing or performing in front of an audience, putting on a show, get the adrenaline flowing. Singing helps you to project your voice, gain confidence and hold yourself up"straight". Being part of a choir can even help you exercise with some moves and dancing. Last but not least, when you sing, you release dopamine, which is the hormone for pleasure and a natural anti-depressant.

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