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Summer Concert 2023

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The recipe for a diva
Concert des Genevoix, juin 2023


What is the recipe for a good diva? We propose to look at divas from the angle of the features that makes us adore them. It’s obviously a non-exhaustive list and there are surely other features to consider, but that will surely be the subject of future concerts.

A diva believes in herself.
•    This confidence may show itself through song or dance or when she Vogue.
•    Even after a difficult relationship, she continues to Believe in herself and has confidence in herself.
A diva remains true to herself.
•    If it’s through dance, she just wants you to Laissez danser.
•    She encourages us to look inside ourselves and see our True Colors.
A diva stays strong in the face of adversity.
•    She proves that she exists, she seeks her happiness everywhere… she Résiste.
•    Even in a generation which is Désenchantée, she seeks the soul to help her.
A diva demands to be recognized for what she is.
•    She has what you need; she’s only asking for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

A diva thrives in love.
•    Even if her live crumbles and the Skyfall, she stands tall with love.
•    She may even loose herself to love and Tout oublier out of love.
•    She can give everything to love when her man A far l'amore comincia.
A diva finds strength in heartbreak
•    Even if she’s in a Bad Romance, she makes it work.
•    Even after a failed romance, The Show Must Go On
She may encounter difficult times and fall from grace
•    In these low moments, everyone may cut her out, but she continues to Viva la Vida
(Though her gay fan base will remain a steadfast support)
A diva is reborn from her ashes
•    Sorrows, pleasure… the good and the bad… the diva Ne regrette rien.

Concert photos by Jett Reynolds



Concert Lausanne

2 September 2023, Saturday

Christ Church, Avenue de l'Eglise Anglaise 1, Lausanne 1006


Concert Geneva

3 June 2023, Saturday

Collège Voltaire, Rue Voltaire 21, Genève 1201

In the Aula

2023 FeteMusique.jpg
2023 VarVoices.jpg
2023 Pride.png
230125 Dialogai cocktail rentrée.jpg
Performance Fête de la Musique

23 June 2023, Monday 20:00

Place neuve, Geneva

Public performance of five songs

Performances Various Voices

12-18 June 2023, Bologna et Turin, Italy

A series of mini-performances during the Festival of European LGBTIQ+ choirs.

Performance Pride de Genève

10 June 2023, Parc des Bastions, Geneva

A mini-performance during the Geneva Pride, opening for many top name shows.

Performance 8th anniv. Nathan

18 March 2023, Nathan's Café, Geneva

A mini-performance to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Nathan café.

Performance Dialogai Cocktail Rentrée

25 January 2023, Jardin Botanique, Geneva

A mini-performance during Dialogai's cocktail de la rentrée .

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